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Circular Gang Saws, Board Edgers and Trim Saws

​Simonds manufactures custom circular saw blades for softwood and hardwood sawmills.  Our in house heat treat is your assurance of a flat plate that will hold tension and provide true cuts and run after run.  Simonds offers custom saw design services to help you design the optimum blade for your sawing parameters.circularsaws

Sawmill Bandsaw Blades

​Simonds manufactures Sawmill Wide Bandsaw blades from 4" to 16" wide and up to 60' long.  Whether Swaged and Finished or ready for stellite, Simonds Saws are the best in the ​business. Simonds exactly replicates the custom tooth shape for each mill and usees the same CNC Code to laser cut it and grind in the gullets with our Vari Sharps.  Our expert Benchmen custom work the saws for the exact Back and Tension for each customer.  woodbandsawing

Sawmill Chipper Knives

​Simonds manufactures sawmill chipper knives at our factory in Big Rapids, Michigan.  Our combination of propriatary heat treat furnaces and CNC Machining and Grinding work centers is your assurance of the toughest, longest lasting and best value in sawmill chipper knives.  /machineknives/