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Technical Center at 1910 N Cashua Dr in Florence, SC

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​The Simonds International Technical Center at 1910 N Cashua Dr in Florence, SC is both a Machinery Showroom and Saw Filer vocational training center.  The center has operating filing room Bandsaw and Circle Saw equipment for demonstration to customers and Hands On Saw Filer Training.   Schedule an appointment to get your hands on the latest in saw maintenance equipment. Bring your own saw blade or we will supply one.

The SITC has published is fall class schedule!  Three courses are offered; Focus on Fitting, Centered on Sharpening and Better Benching.  Class size is limited to optimize the Hands On training opportunity with our experienced instructors.

The center has the latest equipment plus "tried and true" work horses.  We offer Saw Filer Vocational training in both the Manual and Automated approaches to saw maintenance.
​Saw sharpening is one example of our manual and automated technology approach in our 1,600 SF Bandsaw Training Center / Showroom.  We have loops for both a cam driven Armstrong #4 Sharpener with Control Tower and an Armstrong CNC VariSharp.  Our next generation in wet Bandsaw Sharpening - the Talon P-3 computer controlled sharpener - is now also in place.  


The dual training approach - manual and automatic - carries over to both Swaging and Benching as well.  The Technical center has both manual swage and shape tools and the automatic Armstrong AutoSwage.  Students bench saws on our manual bench and then load it on the 095 AB to get confirmation they have acheived their level, tension and back goals. 

Benching skills will be trained with both a manual Armstrong #81 Bench and the Simonds Model 095 Automated Bench.  We also use cameras and large screen monitors so each student and the instructors can see exactly what the student working on the blade sees.


The Wright bandsaw guide block milling machine is operational and ready to demonstrate.  Stellite tipping equipment and dual side sharpening machines are also planned. 

Meanwhile, equipment and course materials are underway for our 1,000 sf Circle Saw Training Center.  Equipment displayed the Atlanta Trade Show this summer is on site and being installed.  We plan to offer our first Circle Saw course early in Q1 2020.
And finally, we encourage customers to schedule an appointment to come and see this equipment operate and “test drive” it themselves.  Bring your own saws or we have some for you to use.

Why Choose Simonds?

Improve your Yield!!​

Simonds was the first company to bring automated Leveling technology to North American Saw Mills.  As the innovators in developing 'Yield Improvement" equipment, we understand the needs of the filers and have developed and will continue to develop products to improve your yield.