Wood Bandsawing

Wood Bandsawing

Bandsaw Blades for Portable Sawmills

​Simonds portable sawmill blades are suitable for all makes and models of portable sawmill machines.  Our team of authorized welding distributors custom weld the blades to length.  Available in widths from 1" - 2" wide in numerous thicknesses and tooth spacing.

Bandsaws for Commercial Sawmills

​Simonds custom manufactures our Wide Bandsaw blades from only the finest raw materials. Our expert saw makers custom match each mills tooth form.  Our expert Sales Force works with mills to understand the benching specifications needed at each mill and communicates that to our factory.

Narrow bandsaws for resaw applications

​Simonds PreSharp resaw blades are the only Ground Tooth saws in the business with our exclusive square face grind.  PreSharp blades track true, run long and help channel saw dust out of the cut.  PreSharp blades are available in 1" - 1-1/2" widths with several tooth space and thickness options.