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Wood Bandsawing

Recomended Reading

"On the Level​"​: Good saw doctors agree that leveling is one of the most important aspects of saw matinance... Read more

"Tuning your Leveler": ​​​​​Automatic leveling machines for wide bands have become commonplace in mills today...​ Read more

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"Bandsaws as Power Transsmission Equipment"​  ​​​​Bandsaws require a... Part 1​ Our last converstation proposed... part two

"Swage or Stellite": ​​​The decisi​​​on whether to stellite tip wide bandsaws or stay with swaging and shaping can be... Read more

Recomended Reading

"Sawing Dogs and Kneeblocks Successfully": Most mills have experianced bandsaws gradually "getting unstable"..Read More​​

"Staying in Shape": Maintaining tooth shape in wide bands is a critical part of the mission in the filing room...​​​Read more

Recomended Reading

​"Breaking in Widebands": ​​​Breaking in a wide brand is absolutely critical to the performance of the saw.... Read more

"Tips on Fitting": ​One of the key elements in making bandaws run well is keeping the genuinely sharp.... Read more

Recomended Reading

"Future Filers": ​​​While these columns usually relate to Mechanical issues ​this one hopes to promote a differant kind.... Read more

 "Using a Saw Shop or a Filing Room": ​When Mills decide to operate on their own filing room or outsource.... Read more